SHIN+NA Design Process

“Simplicity as an art form” has been one of SHIN+NA’s guiding design principles. We saw cotton fabric as the perfect blank canvas to use for the first project: the canvas collection. The design focused on four characteristics to make the best tote we could imagine: the form and shape, the material, the balance and aesthetics, and the versatility.

1. Fabric Selection

In the interest of creating a durable, long-lasting tote, we tested and examined numerous fabrics. After a thorough search, they found a heavyweight duck canvas that was an ideal fit for the tote we envisioned.


2. Form and Shape

We wanted to create a tote that would allow the user to keep their belongings better organized. After considering different options, we decided to construct the bag with a strong bottom plane and built-in pockets that reinforced the sides. These components help the tote to maintain its form and shape.


3. Balance and Aesthetics

With aesthetics and durability in mind, dozens of options for the tote’s straps were considered. Finally selected a 1-1/4” thick strap. This size not only supported the shape of the bag, it was also strong enough to support heavier loads and thickness that is well fitted in hands. Moreover, we loved the elegant balance the straps created.


4. Versatility

Last but not least, because versatility is an important principle, we decided to add additional strap elements. Not only do these additional elements give the user various options for handling, they also create different dimensions for style.