About Dozamm

We are so honored to introduce Yi Jeongheah and her furniture line dozamm to America. Our first encounter with dozamm furniture was in back in 2019 traveling to Korea. We instantly fell in love with the simple profile of the traditional furniture, the use of plywood and the modularity of its design.

What does dozamm mean?
Do Zamm is the Korean pronunciation of 4th century Chinese poet Tao Qian. Do Zamm gave up his civil service post to return to his hometown and a back-to-basics life of simplicity and harmony. As Do Zamm expressed in his poems, happiness is not to be found in a large house with many material possessions, but in a peaceful home of treasured possessions that one always reaches for.
Design Philosophy
Dozamm's lead designer, Yi Jeongheah, contemplates how to carry on the tradition of Korean wooden furniture that marries a solid structure in an elegant and concise appearance. Soft curves and straight lines harmonize to suggest a creature-like shape with beautiful lines so that it can comfortably permeate into users' daily lives.



Road Less Taken

Dozamm makes furniture from plywood weaving, a technique that designer Yi Jeongheah researched and developed over a long period of time. It does not use nails or screws. The wood joinery makes it strong and durable with precise play, and the connections also play a decorative role.



All-Female Cooperative

All of dozamm’s products are hand crafted with care and attention to detail by an all-female cooperative. Dozamm’s goal is to produce furniture that is utilitarian, light, strong and durable.



Dozamm pays close attention to its use of resources. To reduce material waste and unnecessary inventory, products are made when orders are received. In addition, they strive to eliminate environmental pollution that may occur during the manufacturing process plywood remnants are recycled to for other purpose. Dozamm uses paper as the main packaging material as much as possible, and works toward zero energy waste.