The SHIN-NA story begins with a high school friendship. When Haeshin and Hanna first met in their sophomore year, they connected over a mutual love for fashion and aesthetics. They found that they shared similar tastes in fashion pieces they considered “timeless” and explored their craft in extracurricular classes and after school art programs. Although Haeshin and Hanna lost touch after graduation, they fondly look back on these times of learning and growing, never imagining where it would take them. 

After high school, Haeshin went to San Francisco State University to study graphic design. As she gained experience in the field, her desire to continue growing led her out to study in New York. Haeshin obtained her Master’s degree in interior design from the Pratt Institute. She went on to design spaces for retail and hospitality for several years. What she loved about interior design was the challenge of intersecting branding, style, and functionality.

Hanna's appreciation for art and fashion led her all the way to Tokyo, Japan where she studied at Bunka Fashion College. As Hanna worked toward her degree, she became fascinated with knitwear design, which she studied at an advanced level. For four eye-opening years, Hanna immersed herself in the beauty of Japanese culture, landscapes, and design.

Many years after high school graduation, Haeshin and Hanna reconnected at a wedding. As they caught up on what they had learned on their journeys, they found that they shared the aspiration to create everyday pieces that were both functional and elegant in their simplicity. Feeling excited, inspired, and warmed by their renewed friendship, Haeshin and Hanna promised to stay in touch.

Although life led the two designers to different cities (and sometimes even different countries), they continued sharing their ideas and began building a business together. Over the next few years, the Hanna and Haeshin had many brainstorming sessions, exchanged countless emails, and poured their hearts into bringing fruition to their designs.

To their amazement and joy, in 2017, SHIN+NA was born.